Canon FD to Sony E Mount Adaptor

An original design by Mike Tapa.

With the introduction of the Sony NEX FS-100 and working closely with Sony UK, we have designed some new products to suit.

This Product allows the use of any Canon FD mounted lens on the Sony NEX-3/5/7, the FS100/700 and the new Sony A7/A7R.

As ever with all MTF products, these are manufactured with extreme precision using HE30 aluminium for the main body and our stainless steel Sony E mount.

(Please note. Using this adaptor on cameras with an APS-C/Super35 sensor will introduce a magnification factor of 1.54X with full 35mm format lenses)

  • Original design for intuitive operation.
  • Built-in aperture activation pin.
  • Stainless steel Sony E mount.
  • Flat black coated internal baffle.
  • Provision to accept the MTF Support bridge MTF M/43 & E Mount Support.
  • Impossible to damage lens during fitting and operation.

Camera Mount Reference: 
Lens Fit Reference: 

Technical Details

Lens TypeMag. Factor
Full Frame1.54x
Spec Build Quality: 
HE30 aluminium body, stainless steel E mount

Product Code: MTCANFDSEM

Price excludes VAT